Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Greetings Gadgeteers, welcome to The Shack

Welcome to GADGETEER, a new blog for electronic homebrewers.

In an attic room in London, I maintain a small, secretive electronic workshop. I keep it quiet because it would definitely raise eyebrows among neighbors and office colleagues... "Oh, a workshop... what on earth FOR?" My kids occasionally blow my cover, and let slip that we have a room in the house known as "The Shack" ( a term derived from the traditional location for ham radio stations -- a small shack in the backyard). At first, the kids seemed surprised that their classmates didn't have shacks in their houses too.

The Shack is a moveable feast, and this is its fifth location. Originally established in Congers, N.Y. during the 1970s, my shack has also been set up in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (1992-1996); Falls Church, Virginia (1996-2000); and Sao Miguel island in the Azores (2000-2003). It has been in London since 2003. It is currently in a small room (maybe 10 feet x 12 feet) with windows that look southwest and that allow me to see the planes going into Heathrow Airport. The shack features a computer desk, a radio station table built from an old packing crate, a really excellent six foot long wooden workbench that my wife got me for Fathers Day, two book shelves holding technical manuals and boxes of spare parts, and LOTS of radio junk and memorabilia. It is getting a bit crowded in here!

I hope to use this blog to discuss the projects that are underway in the shack. I see this space as an adjunct to the SolderSmoke podcast that Mike, KL7R, and I have been producing for the last six months. See: http://www.gadgeteer.us

So again, welcome Gadgeteers. Welcome to the shack.