Sunday, June 18, 2006

London Shack Photo

Here is my London shack. This is also the UK studio of the world-famous SolderSmoke podcast (our other studio is in Juneau, Alaska).

The Drake 2-B has center stage. Above it is a homebrew 40 meter DSB transmitter, with an outboard MOSFET linear amp (based on a Ramsey kit) in the small box to the left.

On the bench to the left of the 2-BQ is my 17 meter SSB rig (TX and separate RX).

The SolderSmoke mailbag gong is visible on the floor under radios. The Estes Rocketcam is on the table, as is a small homebrew telescope (made from broken binoculars). My Heath HW-8 is also there.

In the window on the right you can see my two Volkswagen solar panels. They are connected to a 7 amp-hour gel cell battery, which powers the HW-8.

On the wall behind the radios is a poster from the UK's "Beagle 2" mission to Mars .